Me aged 10 on Safari – Kenya

I have had a love affair with Africa since I was 10 years old when my father, a research scientist, took us to live in Ethiopia. I remember at the time being devastated that I had to leave my school and friends, but it ended up being one of the best years of my life.

I have always had the desire to share the magic of Africa with my own family and in 2007 I took them on a wonderful trip to Kenya and Tanzania.

This year our youngest daughter Paris is taking a gap year (a year between high school and university), something I embrace wholeheartedly. Mind you, I don’t embrace a year spent on the sofa, but if a young adult spends their time volunteering, travelling and working, they are so better prepared for the real world and perhaps may make better study choices having learned what is important in life to them.

Paris is planning to study medicine next year so having a break before she starts the next 10-12 years of study I think is a very intelligent choice. She has spent the past 5 months working and saving money. She has really learned the real value of money. Kids these days are often sheltered from the realities of life.
Last week she embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. She headed off to Tanzania on her own to engage in a Gapmedic program.

Greene expressed concern, though, that the head start program was targeted for the pay restriction based on isolated incidents, while other federal programs were not

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