Hidden Kitchen: Paris

I’ve been dying to tell you about all the wonderful things we did in Europe in December and I just can’t hold off any longer. It seemed logical to share all of the highlights of our January trip to Japan first, but hey logic can get a bit boring. So I’m going to mix it up a bit.Variety is the spice of life, don’t you think?

Now last year we went to Paris twice!  How lucky am I. It is a pretty big thing for us from Down Under – it’s not just a hop and a skip to get there, it’s about a 24 hour flight. It was so much fun returning and knowing my way around. I sort of felt like a local :). One of my favourite things I love to do in Paris is eat! Our days were planned around where we wanted to dine. We revisited some of our favourite restaurants and discovered some new amazing ones too.

Thanks to the blogosphere, I had read about an underground, word-of-mouth dining destination called Hidden Kitchen. Located in the gorgeous Parisian apartment of 2 American cooks, Braden and Laura, this secret restaurant is where food-loving strangers come together for a dinner-party. How fun does that sound? I just couldn’t resist such an opportunity.

Now this was no ordinary dinner party, the secret address was emailed to us once the reservation was confirmed. At the end of the evening a donation of a recommended amount is expected and well deserved I might add.

On arrival Braden and Laura greeted us with a refreshing aperitif before leading us to the communal table where they hosted an amazing, ten-course degustation meal complete with wine pairings (menu below). The 14 diners were an eclectic mix of Americans, Australians and French and although we came together as strangers, by dessert we were exchanging phone numbers and email addresses! It was a truly memorable evening that we will be talking about for years to come.

Now just a word of warning, plan way in advance! I tried to book last September for late December and they were already booked out. Only due to the good fortune of a cancellation a few days before the dinner party did we get to go!

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