I’m back and ready for a challenge!

Hello everyone! How are you? I really did miss you all and am looking forward to catching up. I’ll fill you in on some of the things I got up to during the month of May, later in the week.

I have been having a bit of fun lately doing some food photography. It is actually a lot trickier than it looks. I’m really wishing I was able to attend the 3-day hands on food styling and photography workshop in France that the infamous Aran from blog Cannelle et Vanille is running in early October. I can’t believe my bad timing. I will be in France the following week! And no, I am unable to change my dates !#@&*

To drown my sorrows, I am going to get busy doing a 30 Day Photo Challenge that starts today. During June I have to take a photo of the topic of the day (listed below) and then post it on my blog and also in the Photo Challenge Flickr Group. Having never participated in something like this before I am excited yet at the same time scared. The scary part is committing to doing it everyday! I know how life has a habit of getting in the way, but I figure, 30 days is doable.  I am really looking forward to stretching myself and getting lots of wonderful inspiration from the other participants photos. Anyone else interested in joining in on the fun?

So here is my photo for Day 1 :  Self Portrait

It feels good to be back. See you tomorrow.

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