I Have a Confession to Make

On our Nov/Dec trip to New York, I stole someone’s suitcase!!!

Not intentionally, but all the same, some poor person was standing at the baggage carousel in Los Angeles for what probably seemed like forever until the steady flow of bags on to the conveyor belt slowed to a trickle, then stopped. And their bag was nowhere to be seen.

And I was the culprit! It must have been one of the very first bags to have been unloaded! And in my half awake state after the 13 hour flight from Australia, I saw a blue bag come around straight after my khaki one. I remember thinking how fortuitous it was that our bags came out together. Being in a rush to get through customs and drop our bags back off and head to terminal B to make the connection, neither Maddie nor myself noticed anything astray. When we handed the bags over to the baggage staff, they noticed that one bag was only tagged through to Los Angeles and the other to New York. We questioned how that could have happened and no-one seemed phased. They said we just had to go up to the departure check in on level 3 and get the bags re-checked in there! I then explained to the check in staff how weird it was that one of our bags was not checked through to New York and gave them our luggage claim tags (you know the tags that identify your bags by matching the numbers to the tag on your luggage). Obviously I wasn’t the only one half asleep! They rechecked both bags reassigning them with new numbers, no questions asked!

When it was time to board our flight on to New York, we gave over our boarding pass and the lady said ‘Oh you didn’t pick up one of your suitcases in customs, but don’t worry we checked it through for you to New York’. Maddie and I looked very puzzled and I replied that we actually did pick up both bags. The lady replied back ‘Oh there must be someone else with the same name’, and we thought nothing more of it. Well that was until about 2 hours into the flight when I leant over to Maddie and said ‘I’ve had a terrible thought that I may have grabbed the wrong suitcase’. She said ‘Oh Mum, don’t be ridiculous’.

When we arrived in New York, I discovered that I was a thief. I took the stolen bag straight to the lost luggage department and made sure they tracked the owner of the bag and send it back to Los Angeles. I still can’t believe I did it, especially when the bag was nothing like our bag. Well it was blue (I will give myself that) but it was half the size of ours and it had a black luggage strap around it and ours had an orange one?

I feel so bad and will probably be in therapy for the next 10 years.

Have you ever had missing luggage? Or perhaps taken the wrong one?


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