Brownies {I Feel So Guilty}

Oh my!  The whole guilt thing is kicking in about my pathetic blogging schedule of late. The truth is my father has been in hospital, David is away, I have been helping Paris organise a trip to Tanzania, I can’t sit for long because of my bad back, I’ve been going to pilates 4 times a week and most of all I’m slack and undisciplined. I’ve just come across an online art project by Cory Arcangel called Sorry I Haven’t Posted, which re-posts posts of people apologising for not posting on their blog.

So, I’m NOT sorry for being erratic with my blog posts 🙂 and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’m planning to make my very favourite Donna Hay recipe – Basic and Speedy Brownies. They’re truly the best, just how a brownie should be, nice and fudgy in the centre and crunchy on top.

So my friends, I might see you on Monday!

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